• Where can I find the RFA? You can find the RFA here.

  • When is the application due? 2022 Application is due on February 14th, 2022.

  • How much time does the program require? Plan on spending around 5 hours per week, and up to 10 or more on occasion, but spread across your whole team.

  • Does VA-TEAM award project funding? No. We can help you find additional funding through VA's resources, however.

  • What if I'm not sure my project has a market / has value / is appropriate for VA-TEAM? Set up a meeting! We can discuss.

  • I haven't been working with another PI on my project, am I excluded? No. We strongly encourage teams to have a scientist/engineer and a clinician, but it's not required. We can work on that after the program begins if you're selected.

  • I'm not sure about my VA invention disclosure status. All applicants need to reach out to the VA TTP before applying so they're aware of your application and can help you get ready.

Point of Contact

Andrew Cornwell, PhD

Director, VA-TEAM

Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center